Jonathan Nagel - Bassist in Groningen


Stepping Forward

Please feel all invited to join my graduation concert in Groningen in the Singelzaal (Radesingel 6), May 27, 4:30 pm. After four years of studying in Holland, I will present some of my original music as well as some gems of the realm of jazz tradition. This concert will mark both the end of my time in school and my time in Groningen and I am very grateful for all the people I met, all the things I learned, all the right and also wrong notes. I am very happy to share with you this concert where I will be playing with some of my favorite musicians, who at the same time are my dearest friends and like my 'family' here in Holland. Also I am proud to announce that I recently played on the recording of the first CD of the Sander Baan Quartet, which is the result of many amazing concerts, a lot of constructive work and a beautiful friendship. After the summer it will be time to move on, but the time in Groningen has been a good time and I will always be glad to come back!