Jonathan Nagel

Performing artist




Xilent Records


♫♫ 𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒏𝒕𝒖𝒂𝒍𝒍𝒚 (solo bass + dance & light)

eventually is an intense and ecstatic dance show with live music and light. The work deals with desires, hopes and dreams. States of might and meekness frame the gradient from control to surrender.

The duet of dance and contrabass is staged within a light installation by artist Ellen Knops. The piece develops slowly out of small repetitive movements and sounds. From restful stillness, the choreography evolves more and more into outbursts of power and emotion. Likewise, soft chamber music sounds gradually transform into magnificent electronic soundscapes. The slow buildup creates a meditative and trance-like atmosphere, that grows into an exploration of the limits of cognition and perception.

A choreography for a solo dancer, a composition for a solo musician - a setup which allows for just about anything to happen, as there is plenty of space. At the same time it bears the threat of feeling utterly naked and vulnerable. Within a setting of continuously increasing volume, speed and intensity, it is easy to reach the limits of what one can achieve on their own. The higher the ambition, the bigger the risk to fail. A situation that many of us can relate to in their personal and professional lives. The more we try to hold on to control and power, the more difficulties arise.

With eventually, we dive deep into this loss of control, in a search for peaceful and loving ways to embrace surrender and accept it not as failure but as a source of new energy.


Jonathan Nagel - sound

Susanna Ylikoski
Maria Mavridou
Anna Heuer Hansen - movement

Ellen Knops - light

Jonathan Nagel - eventually

Xilent Records, 2022

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